Revealing The Russian Ruse

The Plot

The Greatest Scandal in U.S. History is Unfolding!

Upcoming Book Reveals:

Clinton's Campaign Concocted

The Illusion of Russian Collusion

Scheme Involves Highest Members of Obama Administration!

  • Weaponizing Intelligence Bureaus and Agencies
  • IRS, FBI, DOJ, NSA, CIA, USPS, and several others
  • Illegitimate FISA Search Warrants to Spy on Trump's Campaign
  • Financing "DIRTY TRICKS" and Spreading "FAKE NEWS"
  • Illegal Wiretapping and Unmasking of U.S. Citizens and Reporters
  • A Bogus Investigation in Search of a Crime Based on a Hoax

A Shadow Government Wants To

Silence the President by Any Means Necessary From


"Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste"
Clinton Advisor Rahm Emanuel

"I Am Not Suicidal..."
Blogger and Author Leonard Bustos

Under Construction

Five Forces of Influence

Deep State

Hollywood Liberalism

Shadow Government

Mainstream Media

Liberal Academic Bias

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